How does VFD / VSD pump inverter provide constant water pressure?

In VFD / VSD Inverter Water Pump System, constant pressure water supply refers to the control mode of the VFD / VSD Constant Pressure Booster Pump Inverter which controls the outlet pressure within the setting value by detecting the pipe and network pressure when the water amount in the pipe and network changes.

Usually, when using a normal water pump, its rated flow is bigger than the actual flow, and the flow varies a lot when in use, for example, in buildings water supply, the water consumption between day and night varies a lot, valve regulation mode is commonly used. Even the method is simple; however, it is regulated by increasing resistance manually which results in a lot of waste in electricity and high maintenance required.

Variable frequency drives (VFD) / variable speed drives (VSD) Constant Pressure Booster Pump Inverter adjust the RPM (Revolution Per Minute) of the motor, based on the measure of the current pressure, to perform the automatic constant pressure water supply for saving energy and providing enjoyable water shower experience.

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