Who are we?

We are a group of designers, engineers, and dreamers who believe that everyone should enjoy the benefits of an advanced and reliable VFD inverter booster pump and bring joy and ease into their life. Although we are a young company, we have years of experience in the water pump industry. VIFIDI is the realization of what the perfect water using experience should be.

Why are we different?
After working in the water pump industry for years, VIFIDI’s founders realized that one of the major issues was that most of the manufacturers in the VFD inverter pump industry were improvement driven instead of innovation orientated. Inverter pump systems are usually very complex and very expensive.
Proven by 2-Years all-around R&D and testing process, in 2021, VIFIDI proudly introduces a smarter, easier, and safer constant water pressure solution. The new solution is providing affordability and ease of use. It complements any water installation by itself. VIFIDI is aiming to renew the water network design for the greater number.

What do we care about?
The works of pump technicians, plumbers, and DIYers are very time-consuming. VIFIDI’s objective is to streamline the whole process of inverter pump assembling and installation. First, our solution integrates all the functionalities normally divided into multiple parts and devices. Moreover, its usage is greatly simplified as it does not require any learning before being operational, which saves assemblers and installers from the hassle of dealing with new systems.
Finally, it comes with all the necessary safety features to resist any situation such as unstable electricity or extreme temperature.

How do we serve the environment and society?
The overall energy consumption of water pumps takes around 20% of the total energy usage in the world. Our VFD solution enables most water pumps to operate at adequate speed and prevent wasting energy. Now imagining at the scale of the entire world, the energy consumption would reduce drastically. Moreover, added to the resilience and longevity of its solution, the outcome would be very impactful for both environment and society.
Our ambition is to democratize this concept and set the most efficient water system as a new standard.

Why are we trustable?
At VIFIDI, quality is not only a mindset but also a formalized system. Through careful procedures and strict documentation, our team maintains control of high quality throughout every step from order taking, production, testing to packaging, shipping, and after service to make sure your satisfaction.