What mistakes do people make when choosing VFD pump inverter?

People might choose the wrong VFD / VSD Constant Pressure Booster Pump Inverter which have bad features as below:

-  Difficult to assemble with water pump

-  The size of the final VFD / VSD Inverter Constant Pressure Pump system is too big for the space

-  The VFD / VSD Constant Pressure Booster Pump Inverter cannot work suitably with the water pump.

-  Difficult installation and pipe work

-  Provide not constant and not stable water pressure

-  Low energy saving rate

-  Cannot reduce pump operating noise

-  Not enough protection for water pump

-  Not clear indication for setting pressure, current pressure, and various error status

-  Not easy to set parameters


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VIFIDI Bullet VFD variable speed booster pump inverter